Eventually everything connects

Category : design, music June 6, 2014

All my life I had an equal passion for music and visual arts, so I jumped into the audiovisual world not only as a graphic designer but also simultaneously as jazz singer (and from there, to become a vocal actress).

This strange feat of work on different worlds stopped being ‘strange’, when I discovered the holistic vision of fine arts and architecture of Charles and Ray Eames and how they constructed a design universe full of connections. That experience helped me to understand that creativity comes from unexpected places and all I had to do was to let flow the creative ideas, no matter what results. So I decided to take its famous phrase “Eventually everything connects” almost like a law, taking different paths of art, music and design, without trying to find a common pattern from them.

So, I discovered that the design and jazz have much in common. Both processes are a sort of “game” that involves free improvisation of creative ideas subject to a ‘framework’. Is technically impossible to de-construct without analyzing and understanding before the original construction of a piece, and this happens in both the design and jazz: we know the rules, variables, constraints and tools, and on this scenario we start to de-contextualize, re-contextualize, re-order and re-invent. Each sketch is an attempt to free improvisation where we let creativity and logic flow to a final draft, like the jazz musician  who lets flow the notes of a new melody, different from the original, relying on a harmony that already exists.