Magnet was born as a shared dream of four partners to create an independent space from where we could offer our talent and creativity oriented to digital media. So, joining my experience as designer and Art Director, plus advertiser Angelo Cisternas a great project manager and team mate at Wunderman Interactive, besides the talent and outstanding career of my brother Marcelo Perez in digital illustration and the talent of Alejandro Torres as a lead developer, we decided to start our own agency in 2010. 

The experience of creating an agency was a huge learning with very gratifying results that allows us to develop what we do best during the time it was standing. 

It was definitely a big jump to learn about business management, best practices and relationship with customers. That same year we decided to close the agency and took separate ways, undoubtedly successful too. For me, it was a unique key experience in my career as a designer, who opened my horizon to continue creating new business projects, always linked to talented colleagues, as the road mates I chose to create this agency.

Agencia Magnet

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