Dijazz Radio & Magazine was an online magazine based in Tijuana, Mexico created by Pedro César Beas, producer of a radio show (podcast and live stream) and musical events related to the world of jazz.

I joined the Dijazz team in 2004, taking charge of the design and development of the online magazine. At its beginings, the magazine raised the concept of a quarterly magazine which consisted on a hotsite completely dedicated to a prominent musician in the world of jazz. The contents of the magazine was composed of an interview to the artist, its complete discography, journalistic reviews about his career and musical works, photographs, and the inclusion of audio to give the possibility to listen to your material while surfing the site.

The online magazine was widely accepted not only from Mexico but also from South America, Europe and USA, receiving the recordings of jazz musicians from all the world who wanted to promote their work through Dijazz Radio. The quarterly magazine had 3 numbers, evolving to a web portal focused on the work of Dijazz Radio program, broadcasted from Radio UABC 1630 AM (Tijuana) and Radio Fusión 102.5 FM (Tijuana / San Diego) that also could be heard and downloaded through the website.

Because of my personal passion for jazz music this work was definitely one of the most motivating in my career, for the freedom I had to design the complete branding, print & web material and all the self-learning that I could develop through it, also for the pleasure of being an spreader agent of this musical style.

Dijazz Radio & Magazine