In 2006 born "Dimacofi Advanced Business" a new holding company dedicated to printing Dimacofi photo-related products. This new business area highlighted by the creation and launch of Emotions, a new service that revolutionized the digital photography market by offering a new alternative in imaging, through personalized photo-related products.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to participate in the architectural design and the entire development of graphical user interface of, an online system where users could customize and purchase their products.

Emotions was my first experience designing interfaces for dynamical systems, closest to design web applications and software web-based. An interesting and very complex task because of the number of aesthetic and functional factors and interface elements to be considered in the development of a dynamic design that will host variable data and different use cases.

On this site the user could access to functions such as host images, sort them into folders, edit images, design their products, save drafts of their work, register and update their information and all necessary functions for ordering its final product.