In 2009 the Interactive area of Wunderman agency had the mission to create the new official web site of Nescafé Chile, which gave us the opportunity to create a broad concept that would provide value to the user interaction with the brand. So that's how we plan to propose a social networking platform for Nescafé, oriented to share tips and events, where users themselves generate the main content of the site and interact with the brand in a friendly and convenient way, not forcing them to a communication unilateral. In this project, the key was the concept of participation and the creation of a community , kindly covered by the brand.

As Art Director of Wunderman Interactive, I participate in the design of the system's architecture and was responsible for the complete design of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Experience (UX) of the social network, also coordinating the work-chain with the developers team.

In the design of we gave prominence to the social features of the site, with a main-menu that filtered / categorized the tips and events (music, culture, gastronomy, sports, arts, entertainment, trends and film). Users could still see information about the brand from a secondary menu at the top that also contained access to the registry and private profile. The registered user had access to a user profile where it could interact public or private with other users through a "wall" and a full messaging system with alerts. The registered user was enabled to pubish events, vote, interact with other users and comment. In addition, the system will provided a complete record (dashboard) allowing to view your shared tips, edit and re-publish them.

Nescafé was my first experience designing a social network and certainly one of the biggest challenges I've had as a designer of architecture and interfaces (GUI), by the vast number of data crossings, variables and use cases that includes a dynamic system as a social network.