Nescafe Mixes was a campaign conducted by Wunderman agency in 2009, which aimed to boost the positioning and sales of its new line of coffees "Mixes" through a campaign in multiple media. As Art Director of Wunderman Interactive, had the mission of developing the creative for the campaign on digital media.

Using creativity developed by the ​​design area of the agency (highlighting the foam of these coffees) I developed the mechanics (architecture) and the graphical user interface (GUI) of an online contest where users could took a picture within the site and answer a question designed to classify them by their personality . The system threw as result the perfect coffee for the user according to his personality showing the assembly of your face in the image of the campaign models (with the foam as "wig"). In a final step, users could edit the picture to make the assembly look as real as possible (with an option to move, scale and brightness/contrast adjust). Finally, they were invited to share the image a big mural from which could invite their social network's friends to vote for their photograph and compete.

The campaign had a high participation which gave very positive results to achieve 6,426 new registrants in 6,414 photos uploaded, and +11,911 unique votes during the 30 days of the contest.

Nescafé Mixes