"Vive Feliz" was a program driven by Nestlé, which promoted ideas about how to live happier. The core of the program was to support anything that helps people to build their own happiness, to feel happy with themselves and others, relating these concepts to Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW).

In this program, as an Art Director of Wunderman Interactive Chile, my work was the art direction of the website and digital campaigns (translating to digital environment the graphics developed by the design area of the agency).  Also I was the responsible of developing the architecture, wireframes, and final GUI of the system.

The web program consisted in a portal of qualified information on nutrition health and wellness, where users had a personal profile with the record of their behaviors, measuring and controlling te concept of their "actual life" vs the "desired life", urging them to set goals and helping to achieve them.

Through this program, Nestlé could access to valuable information about consumer behavior and habits, where the user would have a clear and convenient reward in exchange for give this information. The more information delivered to system, it could deliver better filtered information in order to help them to reach their goals.

Nestlé – Vive Feliz