This year I set the personal task to make a big upgrade to my magazine dedicated to the world of tea, not only in its framework but also in the content type according to the way we connect today with our personal tastes through internet and the way we create communities around them. 

When I created "" in 2008 didn't exist Instagram neither Pinterest. Facebook in Spanish had only a year and Twitter had less than 2 years online, in other words, it was newly born the "social network" concept which revolutionized the way we communicate just like mobile devices did. So "" born as a "Web 2.0" generation project as blogs with content generated by people but still in a fairly unilateral way, as the classic editorial publications.

The first version of "" was awarded for its graphic design so in this new version I decided to maintain some valuable key graphic elements but this time integrating the devices that we use today (especially mobile) and the behaviors that we have on social networks such as food photography, self-photos, sharing content simultaneously by multiple networks, the culture of "likes" and "hashtags", the enthusiasm for review, the user communities, etc. in order to be more participative with the tea community.

This new 2.0 version closes its upgrade with its English Version in July 2014 and finally with the opening of its online store on January 2015. | v2.0