"Tómatelo en serio" ('take it seriously') was a digital campaign developed by Wunderman Chile for Nescafé in 2009, which aimed to inform about the good health properties of the coffee bean.

The basic idea of the campaign was to associate a time of day to a cup of energizing and healthy coffee by a "green", fresh and friendly communication. So with the concept "Because coffee is healthy, take it seriously" we create a dynamic hot site that changed its looks according to time of day, delivering an appropriate message to people about enjoy a good coffee, with friendly pictures.  We divide the site on five moments of the day (Early morning, mid morning, noon, evening and night) with a look & feel suited for each time of day whith the option to share a message of health and wellness with your friends.

In this campaign, as Art Director of Interactive area of Wunderman Chile, I had the responsibility to create the look & feel, mechanics, architecture and GUI of the hotsite and communications via e-mailing, and the photographic work of this hot site .

Nescafe “Tómatelo en Serio”